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We build native and cross-platform applications. Using Agile and Scrum, we believe in building evolutionary software that works, through quick development cycles that prioritize feedback.


Our founders have backgrounds in software development, facilitating and coaching. We've been helping teams build great software for years now and have built a framework to help businesses and their teams do the same.


If you have an app or are trying to build one - even if you have a whole team building it, we can help with strategy, process and tools to help you achieve the objectives that you and your team you set out to achieve in the first place.

We build apps

Everything comes with a midas touch of brilliance...

We came from a need, a need for a local, township based startup building apps and solutions for the township economy. Having built apps and then training over 300 graduates and unemployed youth to do the same, our founders have found the recipe to building great apps that drive business and social value.

An extremely detailed 15 step outcome-based process over multiple phases in the solution delivery cycle - typically spanning 4 to 6 months - that seeks to maximize client involvement to ensure we build the right app at each stage.

We build teams

The product owner is such an important part of the process but how can their voice be heard...

Building an app in today's environment is tough, it requires a team and organization that's skilled and practiced in delivery. Grand plans to conquer the app world can quickly go wry when you have unaligned stakeholders, inappropriate architecture, a delivery team that gets off track, insufficient functionality or a solution that just isn’t ready to be shipped. From inception, every software project faces these risks.

Our delivery lifecycle consists of a risk/value assessment. Through process, strategy and tools we address these business risks from the onset right through our projects and we can help your business do the same.

We build strategy

Understanding the digital landscape as well as employing and achieving the right goals and objectives are often difficult without proper tools, strategies and processes to facilitate it.

No man is an island, we learnt this the hard way but we still delivered. Not many projects, businesses and teams live to tell the story. After learning from our experiences, we set out to build a framework along with a toolset to make sure we never go through this again.

Incorporating various tools from Data analytics to active team coaching, we can help businesses innovate ahead of the curve.

Plus, since we know apps are built from human behaviour, we have found ways to track, analyze, intepret and recommend turn-key strategies for apps and their teams that will help them work more efficiently with less effort.

and everything in between...

There's an increasing need for businesses to be active drivers of their own social responsibility and help the nation move forward.

As such, we're always out to enable communities to gain a competitive digital edge. Through partnerships and agreements, we're always looking for better and broader ways to make a difference within townships and their economy.

We pledge an undying commitment to social projects that will foster social cohesion and collective good. If you, or your organization, have an idea that will drive real change then we invite you to have a chat with us. Through our efforts, partners and network we'll see how we can turn your idea into a reality.

Our tools and technologies

Our products are built on top of modern frameworks and platforms ensuring minimal downtime and rapid updates to critical software and components.

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